At Summit CrossFit, fitness is about overall well-being. We train to be physically functional and adaptable, letting us live higher qualities of life. We train alongside a community of friends & family who want to see us as our best selves, and will keep us pushing in a positive direction. We coach every class in order to keep our athletes safe, motivated, and focused. We train athletes from all backgrounds and walks of life - including a variety of age and fitness level - making fitness accessible to anyone searching for a happier & healthier lifestyle.                                        

We take pride in our exceptional facility with a variety of programs, and we work hard to be the go-to fitness facility in the area. Safety, educated coaching, and a welcoming community are our biggest priorities. We aim to attract anyone who would like to learn - whether it be your first day of exercise, or you want to compete at a higher level. Regardless of where you're at in your fitness journey, it's all about "Relentless Forward Progress."