"CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity"

CrossFit classes are available 7 days per week, and are held in a group class setting. Our CrossFit program is designed for athletes who attend every day, but everyday attendance is certainly not required. Every class lasts one hour, and each class time on a specific day goes through the same sequence of warm up, strength/skill, workout, and cool down.

Summit Crossfit - Winter Games 2017


Ask any of our members and they will tell you that the community is what makes Summit such a special place. From cheering each other on to offering advice to encouraging each other when they need it most, our community is what makes us truly unique. One visit to the gym and you will see the friendly and motivated group we all know and love.

"I travel the country for business and visit many boxes. Summit is on the larger side. I attended the 6am WOD and even at that hourr everyone was welcoming and chatty. I will definitely come back".
- Juan from Illinois
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"I love my gym! I get stronger every time I come here and the coaches are all the best. They watch you and help correct your form when they see it necessary. It's warm, welcoming and all that come here are encouraging individuals. I feel proud to be a part of SuMMit"!
- Gabriela - Summit Member