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Get Started with Elements

Elements our one-on-one intro course that teaches safe mechanics of CrossFit movements through individualized attention, professional coaching, and a fun & positive environment. It’s a program designed for EVERY fitness level that allows you to begin the process no matter what point you're at in your fitness journey!

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What is it?

  • 3-session (scheduled around your availability) intro course into our CrossFit program
  • You will learn why and how to execute a wide array of movements through practice
  • One-on-one instruction with our knowledgable coaching staff
  • 2 weeks of unlimited Afterburn (while you're still learning) and 2 weeks of unlimited CrossFit membership (once you've completed your 3 sessions)
  • One of our coaches will attend your first CrossFit class WITH you! 

When is it?

  • By appointment, scheduled around your availability
  • Each session lasts about 1 hour
  • Appointments can be spaced out over the course of 2 weeks
  • Email, call us, or stop in to schedule your first Elements session!

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How Do I start?

  • Please send us an email at or give us a call to ask questions or set up an appointment
  • Come in on a Saturday at 9am or any Afterburn class to try it out
  • If you decide that Summit CrossFit could be beneficial to you, it is $150 to complete all of your Elements sessions. That includes 2 weeks of Afterburn (during Elements) + 2 weeks of unlimited membership (after elements)!
  • Want to buy it now? Click below! You can purchase before or after you've made your first appointment, and can attend Afterburn classes anytime after you've purchased your membership! 
  • Have friends who want to do it with you? Ask about a discounted group rate!