Priscilla Project

The Priscilla Project


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What is it?

The Priscilla Project is an idea that is years in the making, and currently coming to fruition out of SuMMit CrossFit in Asheville, NC. It started in 2014 as a volunteer project to offer a fitness training program for adults and children with developmental disabilities of all kinds. As the program continues to grow, we hope to become a non-profit organization that trains both individuals with disabilities, as well as at-risk teenagers in the Asheville community. Functional fitness training is proven to help with emotional stress as well as cognitive development. The Priscilla Project provides a positive and healthy environment with the goal of oriented activity, and ultimately keeping kids out of trouble.

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How does it work?

Summit offers group classes that focus on mobility, and strength training through fun activities to create a fun and active environment. Each class is designed to be adaptable to the individual. Caretakers/guardians are required to attend, and can choose to participate or to watch instead. Coaches keep the class engaged and keep individuals moving safely.

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm. This class is free! Anyone who wants to participate can arrive a few minutes early, fill out a waiver, and jump in to class!