Barbell Club

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Summit Barbell Club

The Barbell Club was formed for athletes looking for a concentration on olympic weightlifting. The course helps athletes perfect their form and technique to improve their performance and see positive improvements. This can be supplemental to other fitness programs, or can be used to focus on weightlifting and prepare for competition. Each week is programmed to include some form of snatch, clean, & jerk as well as accessory movements for each lift.

Classes are held on
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7:30am & 6:30pm
Saturdays at 10am

Cost is $30/month for Summit CrossFit members
Cost is $60/month for non-members

We offer a discounted rate for those looking to only participate on Saturdays. We offer individual rates for additional programming and personal training in the sport of weightlifting. Contact us for details!